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Trans Rights

See, India is a huge country. They (homosexuals) have their own problems, which can't be ignored. But you have to take everyone along with you. Sometimes, people of a particular way of thinking dominate popular discourse, and the government has no option then but to take some steps. What I believe is- they have been born, they are also human, but there are some defects in them. The status quo has existed for a very long time. This didn't happen in the Congress regime, nor in the BJP regime. This system has been prevalent in India for ages, so it should be allowed to function as it has been doing since those days.

Gopal Shetty

Mumbai North


Bharatiya Janata Party


Spoke up on Trans Rights
Spoke up on LGBTQIA+ Rights
Opposed Section 377
Supported Section 377
Pushed to Amend Trans Act
Supported Regressive Trans Act
Homophobia/ Transphobia

Remember: MPs who have spoken up on LGBTQIA+ rights or trans* rights are not automatically queer-friendly MPs. State of the QUnion is not meant to celebrate those who have spoken up for equal rights but is rather meant to be a platform for accountability to demand action from our elected representatives. We must interrogate their views on caste, religion, gender, and other axes of marginalisation in addition to their party's stance on these issues. See this post on pinkwashing for more details.



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Trans Act

Write to the Ministry of Social Justice to amend the regressive Transgender Rights Act Rules.


Volunteer with Pink List India to work at the intersection of politics and queerness!

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